Lighted signs are perfect for high traffic areas, demanding the attention of passersby during day and night! During the day, these graphics appear as most normal signs appear, and at night they allow light through to glow with brilliance! This way, your signs can continue working for you even after the doors have been locked! Lighted signs also create a professional look for your business, adding that classy touch that will attract fresh traffic to you!

Dimensional Letters are a type of architectural signage that offers an upscale executive feel for clients. AGWraps offers a lifetime warranty on these extremely durable signs! Dimensional letters can be installed onto nearly any type of wall, including interiors. These letters are highly customizable, making them perfect even for companies that have strict regulations on branding! Add a classy, refined spark to your business with custom dimensional letters from AGWraps! Call or stop by today to get a free estimate!

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