Trucks Upgrade from Custom Paint to Eye-Catching Printed Wraps: The Tidewater Express Inc. Story

Written by Jason Thomas, Sales

Before coming to us, Tidewater Express had their trucks painted. We were able to offer them an upgrade on the custom paint-jobs by doing something rather difficult with paint–printing real flames on their wraps! The new layout not only refreshed their entire fleet as they wrapped more wreckers, but it was eye-catching and unique, something no one else was putting on their trucks.

We were also able to help them with regulations and safety while still keeping an edge to their artwork with our reflective vinyl decals. Many of the text on Tidewater Express‘s trucks is printed on reflective vinyl which adds dimension to the wrap’s appearance as well as helping with the safety aspect. This was very important to them, as their trucks are often at sites beside busy freeways and highways where safety is paramount.

With the versatility of our capabilities in printed wraps, we’ve been able to wrap some trucks with their traditional-style flames, and others with the new, realistic flames and keep the same branding across the fleet at the same time. Tidewater Express has some of the most standout trucks on the road today, which isn’t just good for their image, it’s good for business!