Wall Wraps Chesapeake

Do you need new wall graphics but wish to avoid paint and toxic fumes? If so, you should consider using wall wraps as a safer and non-toxic alternative to traditional painted graphics.

Wall wraps consist of environmentally friendly wrap material with a printed design from the computer. AG Wraps has a team of wrap design specialists who can create an original design on the computer before printing it onto your wall wrap. Then, if you are satisfied with the design, we’ll proceed to print it onto the material and install it onto your wall space. No toxic chemicals or fumes are emitted at any time.

AG Wraps is the number one provider of custom wall wrap services in Chesapeake. Before creating the design, we’ll consult you regarding your wall wrap design preferences. Feel free to suggest any illustrations, drawings, signwriting, or photos you would like in the design. We’ll work hard to accommodate your wishes so that you end up with a wall wrap design you’ll love.

Remember that wall wraps can have more detailed graphics than painted wall graphics. Since our wall wrap designs get made on the computer, it opens up unlimited possibilities for the creativity and detail of your designs. In addition, our team will take measurements of your wall space to ensure our wrap creations are a perfect fit. We take dimensions and size specifications seriously.

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AG Wraps has over five years of experience designing, printing, and installing custom wall wraps for residential and commercial buildings. Call us at 757-548-5255 or email us at sales@agwraps.com if you’d like to discuss the details of your wall wrap project in Chesapeake.