Architectural wraps

AGWraps is the leading supplier of custom architectural wraps in the region. Our skilled team of wrap designers has the tools and experience to create custom-designed wraps for virtually any surface in your residential home or commercial building.

Our architectural vinyl wraps can conform to surfaces of any size or shape, whether flat or 3D. We always use premium-style wraps that are highly durable and long-lasting in any indoor environment. So, you don’t need to worry about replacing the wraps for a long time.

Here are some additional benefits to using architectural wraps in your indoor environment:

Protect the Surface Material

Architectural wraps can be a protective barrier for the surface material, especially wood. The wraps will preserve the surface material’s strength and integrity because they prevent direct exposure. That means the surface will not come in contact with food particles, dirt, debris, sunlight, etc. In fact, the material won’t even get scratched either.

Use Any Design

Architectural wraps allow you to apply any custom imagery or texture patterns on your surfaces. AGWraps has a team of illustrations and designers who can create original imagery for your architectural wraps. Then you can literally transform your walls, cupboards, corridors, doors, toilet cubicles, lockers, and rooms without having to replace any surface material.


It is much more affordable to apply our architectural wraps to your surfaces than to replace them altogether. You won’t need to modify your surfaces in any way because the wraps can easily be installed and removed whenever you want.

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