Boat Wraps Franklin

Do you have a boat of your own in Franklin? Would you like to promote your business or brand outside of it? If so, we have the best boat wrap design solutions to accommodate your wishes.

AG Wraps is the premier boat wrap service provider in Franklin. We offer a wide range of boat wrapping services, including designing, printing, and installing custom boat wraps at affordable prices.

Our team of graphic artists and illustrators can create an original design for your boat wrap. The design can include any images, artwork, or graphics you would like to have on it. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with our team to ensure we create an original boat wrap design that meets your approval.

Our boat wraps are made of high-quality 3M vinyl material. It is a long-lasting material with water-resistant properties, making it perfect for active boats on the water. In addition, the vinyl material will shield your boat’s paint job from environmental hazards, such as water pollutants and the sun’s UV rays.

As a result, the paint job won’t experience any scratches, scuffs, or fading. The wrap will continue to protect your boat for as long as you want to keep it covering the outside of it. Then, if you ever want to remove the boat wrap or replace it with another wrap, we can do it without affecting the paint job.

Would you like a free consultation regarding our custom boat wrap design services in Franklin? If so, you can call our office at 757-548-5255 or email us at