Boat Wraps Kitty Hawk

Have you ever considered promoting your business on a boat in Kitty Hawk? If you operate at least one watercraft, you could turn it into a mobile billboard on the water to promote your company’s brand and messaging. We can help make that happen!

AG Wraps is a renowned professional boat wrap designer serving Kitty Hawk and surrounding locations. We have spent over 16 years creating high-quality custom boat wraps for individuals and businesses across multiple sectors such as fishing, restaurants, real estate, transportation, and more!

Our dedicated design team can incorporate original illustrations, images, texts, graphics, artwork, and more onto your boat wraps. It’s a collaborative effort where we bring your ideas to life!

AG Wraps uses 3M vinyl as the primary material for boat wraps because it can withstand the impacts of water, sunlight, pollutants, dirt, and other common hazards. As a result, the boat’s paint underneath will remain shielded and safe from these environmental dangers. Then you’ll preserve some of the resale value of your boat!

Our team comprises the best graphic designers, print specialists, and installers in the area. If you’d like a free consultation with our team to discuss your custom boat wrap, call us at 757-548-5255 and email us at We look forward to hearing from you!