Boat Wraps Sunbury

Do you want to make your watercraft stand out from the others on the waters in Sunbury? If so, applying a well-designed wrap to your boat is the best way to do that.

AG Wraps is the premier provider of custom boat wrap design services in Sunbury. We have extensive experience designing, printing, and installing custom-designed vinyl wraps onto boats of all different shapes and sizes. So when people see your new vinyl-wrapped boat, they will be attracted to it immediately.

You’ll have the opportunity to consult with our design team regarding your boat wrap design project. In addition, you can choose whichever custom artwork, graphics, photos, or imagery you want for your design. And if you don’t have these images available, we can create them from scratch.

AG Wraps has more than five years of experience designing boat wraps for business owners and individuals in Sunbury. We use 3M vinyl as the base material for our boat wraps because it is water resistant, sun resistant, and protects against dirt and debris.

After we install the vinyl wrap onto your boat, it will preserve the paint job the entire time. Then you can cut down on your maintenance expenses while sustaining the value and integrity of your watercraft in the process. No fading or scratches will appear on your boat’s paint as long as our 3M vinyl wrapping covers it.

Would you like to learn more about how our custom boat wrapping services can benefit your brand or business in Sunbury? Contact our office at 757-548-5255 or email us at for more details.