Truck Wraps Virginia

Trucks can serve as fantastic mobile billboards for your business. Since trucks have a greater length and height than cars, they have more exterior space for displaying large promotional imagery to attract attention to your business.

Does your commercial business operate one or more trucks in Virginia? If so, you need to take advantage of all the advertising space you have available on your vehicles. We can help you do that.

AG Wraps has been designing and installing truck wraps in Virginia for over five years. Businesses and truckers trust our company because we create high-quality custom designs and place them on 3M vinyl material. We use the very best graphic design software and technology to create the perfect truck wrap design for your business.

In addition, 3M vinyl film is one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials you can adhere to the outside of a truck. It will protect the paint job of your truck from insects, debris, and sunrays. That way, you can preserve the value of your truck by protecting its paint the entire time you use the vehicle.

AG wraps can wrap any type of truck, such as a box truck, equipment trailer, fuel tanker, or an 18-wheeler. Partial wraps and full wraps are both acceptable. When you consult with our graphic arts team, you can make suggestions and ideas for the design. Then, we’ll work out a plan to incorporate your ideas into a custom truck wrap that you will love.

Would you like to learn more about our truck wrap services in Virginia? Contact our office at 757-548-5255 or email us at